Live Roll-Out


As you begin your phased roll-out of the CIMcloud platform, your customers will experience an unrivaled self-service experience and your employees will be able to focus on providing white-glove service.


Customer Live Roll-Out

By providing your customers the self-service experience they have come to expect in today’s competitive environment, CIMcloud allows you to free up your employee’s time traditionally spent on routine tasks and enable them to provide white-glove service.


Provide Customers Self-Service Options

CIMcloud’s self-service portals and public web stores allow you to provide your customers with the ability to engage in business when it is convenient without requiring the manual interaction of your employees. By reducing unnecessary or manual steps in your ordering & payment workflow you can expedite the “quote-to-cash” process. With CIMcloud, your customers can:

  • Search & View Products, Pricing, & Inventory Levels
  • Create Quotes & Place Orders 
  • Track Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Payments and Credits
  • Pay Invoices Via Credit Card or ACH
  • Place & Track Returns
  • Manage Billing, Shipping & Contact Information
  • Interact Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

Phased Customer Roll-Out

To ensure the smoothest and fastest roll-out across your customer base, CIMcloud recommends you take a phased approach to rolling out CIMcloud to your customers. Typically, organizations begin with a subset of customers for the initial roll-out, allowing your employees to provide them additional support during this initial phase. This is also an opportunity to engage and get valuable feedback from your customers. Then, after you make any desired adjustments, you can prepare to expand the roll-out to an even broader set of customers.