Getting Connected

Core Team

Your Core Team is crucial to the success of your CIMcloud implementation.  Once in place, your Program Manager will lead your Core Team and your organization to success.


Core Team

A key to the success of your CIMcloud implementation is your Core Team. These individuals, led by the guidance of your Program Manager, are the individuals within your organization who will help guide you and your organization to success.


Core Strength

Your Core Team is the group of individuals within your organization who are essential to the success of your CIMcloud implementation. The involvement of these individuals early in the process will help get your project off to a fast start and make sure your organization’s efforts are in alignment with your overall goals.

Although the size of a Core Team will vary by organization and by project, it is important that all of the critical roles have been clearly assigned and that the individuals responsible for those roles know what needs to be done and by when. It is common within many organizations that a single person may be responsible for multiple roles.

It Starts With The Program Manager

One of the first and most important decisions is identifying who the Program Manager will be within your organization for your overall Customer Interaction Management program. This individual will be a key point of contact for both CIMcloud and your team. Some of their responsibilities include maintaining the goals for the program, making sure the critical roles of the Core Team are assigned and making sure that project priorities meet the overall goals of your organization.





Being Resourceful

The individuals within your organization supporting your CIMcloud implementation will vary over the life of your larger Customer Interaction Management program depending upon your goals and implementation choices. Some of the types of resources you should expect to call upon include individuals with technical knowledge of your ERP installation, business & financial knowledge about your organization, people and project skills who know your organization well, and product and company knowledge who understand both the strategy and details behind your product strategy.