CIM implementation


CIM Implementation Partners represent the opportunity to  help organizations fill one or more key roles as part of running a successful CIM program. Contact us today if you are interested in getting connected to or becoming a member of the CIM Implementation Partner network.


CIMcloud Implementation Partners are individuals and organizations, including the CIMcloud Professional Services Group, with the experience and knowledge to help CIMcloud customers get started and thrive on the CIMcloud platform. Although focus areas vary across CIMcloud Implementation Partners, each partner represents the opportunity to help organizations fill one or more key roles as part of running a successful CIM Program. CIMcloud Implementation Partners have expertise in one or more areas.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services include high-level strategy and planning help, called “Program-Level Consulting”. These services include tactical guidance and assistance with implementation-related tasks including setting up shipping method calculations, setting up a payment process vendor, configuring how taxes will be calculated, and activating and deactivating features on the CIMcloud platform.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services involve (i) ensuring your project has a clearly defined goal, (ii) compiling a plan that includes the list of activities required to accomplish your goal and (ii) making sure your team has the correct people with the correct skill sets to achieve success. Project Management Services also include ensuring the overall delivery of an on-time, on-budget project and communicating important risks and changes to your key stakeholders.


Content & Data Services

Content and Data Services are intended to support client teams in the preparation and loading of product and company information into the CIMcloud platform. Content & Data Services may include preparing and uploading product catalog data, collecting and enhancing product images, preparing and uploading user and account information and creating and loading search engine friendly URLs and 301 redirects.

Customization Services

Customization Services are an option available to support those instances when CIMcloud clients decide to invest in site modifications that go beyond the standard configurations available as part of the CIMcloud platform. Although they are not required as part of a standard implementation, Customization Services might include implementing a custom design, creating or modifying platform functionality or altering how data syncs between a client’s ERP system and the CIMcloud platform.

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Growth Services

Growth Services include a broad range of services to support the promotion and usage of the CIMcloud platform. Growth Services include providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and traffic-growth services, supporting the adoption and usage of the CIMcloud platform by existing B2B customers and assisting client employees and customer service representatives in the adoption and usage of the CIMcloud platform.

ERP Sync Services

ERP Sync Services support the installation, configuration and support of the CIMcloud ERP Sync Tool for ERP & accounting systems where CIMcloud does not offer a pre-configured solution. In addition to possessing domain expertise related to a specific ERP or accounting system, partners providing ERP Sync Services also have knowledge of the CIMcloud ERP sync tool, the CIMcloud ERP sync API framework, CIMcloud ERP sync data monitoring and alarming tools and CIMcloud ERP sync standard data definitions.


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