Getting Connected


The Deployment process is when we prepare your unique CIMcloud instance and prepare to connect to your existing ERP system.  Whether you are using a Standard Connector or a Third-Party Connector, CIMcloud is ready to help you meet your Customer Interaction Management goals.



CIMcloud begins the process of deploying your unique CIMcloud instance as soon as we receive your complete order. Although CIMcloud will do most of the heavy lifting during this stage, there are some critical items we need from you and your organization to connect to your existing ERP installation.


The Deployment Process

When you select CIMcloud as your Customer Interaction Management provider, the CIMcloud team begins the process of deploying your instance of the CIMcloud platform. This includes deploying the standard CIMcloud configuration plus any optional bundles you may have purchased as well as deploying the Standard ERP Sync based upon your Connect Package. It also includes providing you and your team access to CIMcloud’s self-service orientation, onboarding and implementation materials and providing access to our Support Team.

Your Connect Package

An important part of your CIMcloud implementation is the Connect Package you select at purchase. The Connect Package determines what data will sync between your existing ERP system and CIMcloud and whether it is a two-way or one-way sync. Available Connect Package options are determined by which edition of CIMcloud you select. To allow CIMcloud to complete the connection between your existing ERP system and the CIMcloud platform, a member of your Core Team will need to complete the ERP Sync Pre-Install Checklist and the ERP Sync Configuration Questionnaire.





Your Standard ERP Sync Configuration

Each Connect Package has a standard set of data that is synced between CIMcloud and your existing ERP system. This standard configuration allows you to quickly begin using CIMcloud. A detailed list of what is included in each Connect Package can be found in the CIMcloud Help Center. Changes to the standard configuration are possible and routinely implemented to reflect the unique needs of a business and require a billable engagement with either the CIM Professional Services team or a third-party implementation partner.