CIMcloud is the world’s leading Customer Interaction Management platform that provides robust ecommerce capabilities for your customers and CRM functionality for your employees.



CIMcloud by Website Pipeline

CIMcloud is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software platform that provides robust ecommerce capabilities for your customers and CRM functionality for your employees. Designed specifically for product-centric B2B companies in the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries using an existing ERP system, CIMcloud’s ERP-integrated solution is flexible and scalable, providing you the tools you need to keep your business moving forward. The CIMcloud platform includes:

  • B2B ecommerce Portal
  • B2C ecommerce Web Store(s)
  • CRM-Style Sales Enablement Portal
  • Web Content Management System
  • Product Information Management System
  • Bi-Directional ERP Integration

Grow Sales, Not Headcount

CIMcloud allows you to secure & grow your sales without growing your headcount by allowing your customers to engage in self-service and by keeping your employees informed.

  • Provide Customers Self-Service Options. By providing your customers the self-service experience they have come to expect in today’s competitive environment, CIMcloud allows you to free up your employee’s time traditionally spent on routine tasks and enable them to provide white glove service.
  • Keep Employees In The Know - CIMcloud’s integration with your existing ERP system provides your employees the ability to obtain a complete view of your customer’s interactions with your organization, allowing them to make informed decisions on where and how to best spend their time.




Provide Customers Self-Service Options 

CIMcloud’s self-service portals and public web stores allow you to provide your customers with the ability to engage in business when it is convenient without requiring the manual interaction of your employees. By reducing unnecessary or manual steps in your ordering & payment workflow you can expedite the “quote-to-cash” process. With CIMcloud, your customers can:

  • Search & View Products, Pricing, & Inventory Levels
  • Create Quotes & Place Orders 
  • Track Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Payments and Credits
  • Pay Invoices Via Credit Card or ACH
  • Place & Track Returns
  • Manage Billing, Shipping & Contact Information
  • Interact Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device 

Keep Employees In The Know

Although your existing ERP system is the heartbeat of your business, it was not designed to maximize the productivity of your customer-facing employees and does not provide a complete picture of your customer’s interactions with your organization. CIMcloud’s ERP-integrated sales enablement tools allow your employees to make more informed decisions on where and how to best spend their time. With CIMcloud, your employees can:

  • Manage & View Customer Transactions & Online Behavior
  • Manage & View Employee Interactions & Commentary
  • Impersonate Customer Logins
  • Create or Assist with Quotes & Orders 
  • Make or Assist with Invoice Payments & Returns
  • Manage & Track Ad-hoc Customer Requests




Bring Your Solutions Under One Roof

CIMcloud houses all of your customer interactions, traditionally handled manually or through separate ecommerce, CRM, and help desk systems, in a single platform that is powered by data directly from your existing ERP system. CIMcloud removes the need to manage disparate systems with disparate data and patch-work attempts at data syncing.

As your employees learn to answer common customer requests about quotes, orders and payments by providing your customers with links to the CIMcloud platform, your employees will be able to confidently and quickly provide world-class customer service. In addition, your customers will gain first-hand exposure to the CIMcloud platform and quickly learn how to engage in online self-service in the future. This enables you to reduce cost, complexity, and hassle while increasing the quality, stability and adoption of your overall solution. CIMcloud’s unique approach of progressive adoption is made possible through its cloud-based, ERP-synced solution that is delivered through a single application.

Leverage Your Existing ERP Data

The CIMcloud solution was built from the ground up to work with your existing ERP system and business data.  This allows you to capture the many upside benefits of the CIMcloud platform while minimizing the downside disruptions to your existing business processes, and all of the associated “change pain” and expenses.