Third-Party Connectors are developed and supported by CIMcloud Implementation Partners and provide the ability to connect with a broad range of commercial or proprietary ERP systems. Third-Party Connectors are designed and developed to meet your unique requirements.


Third-Party Connectors Overview

Third-Party Connectors are an ideal choice for connecting your ERP to the CIMcloud platform either when you are using an ERP system not supported by a Standard Connector or when you have unique business or data requirements.  Each Third-Party Connector is independently developed and supported by a CIM Implementation Partner and is installed on the same network as your existing ERP system. Third-Party Connectors sync data between your ERP system and the CIMcloud Application via CIMcloud’s ERP Sync API.

CIMcloud ERP Sync API

Third-Party Connectors can support the bi-direction sync of data between your ERP System and the CIMcloud Application by using CIMcloud’s ERP Sync API.  CIMcloud’s ERP Sync API reflects a data structure that is geared towards enterprise ERP systems and provides CIMcloud Implementation Partners with a secure and authenticated method for importing and exporting data between your ERP System and the CIMcloud Application. By authenticating all requests to the API and providing error checking throughout the syncing process, you can have confidence that your data is secure and up-to-date.

CIMcloud product detail screenshot