Last updated September 28, 2021. Replaces all prior versions.

Effective September 17, 2023 CIMcloud has a new Registered Partner Program.


Registered CIMcloud Partners (RCP’s) include authorized ERP System Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) who want to expand their product offering by promoting Customer Interaction Management applications to their ERP customers. The purpose of this agreement is to summarize the terms between RCP’s and CIMcloud by Website Pipeline (“CIMcloud”).

We recognize the relationship and value a VAR brings to its clients. CIMcloud works closely with resellers before, during, and after the sales process to ensure a successful implementation for the ERP customer.



Updated Promotional Pricing:

As part of CIMcloud’s current promotional offering, all upfront software fees have been waived to lessen the financial burden for customers. To acknowledge the impact this will have on RCP commissions, all CIMcloud Partners (in good standing) will be paid 30% of the standard implementation fee (excluding services). The typical implementation fee, under current promotional pricing, is $5,000. Per existing terms, there is no commission paid on services rendered by the CIMcloud Professional Services Group or Monthly Fees. 

Traditional Pricing:

RCP commission is paid at 20% of the software price for both the base package and software upgrades on the initial sale. There is no commission paid on services, monthly fees, or add-on software after the initial sale. CIMcloud pays commissions to RCP's when payment is received from the customer. CIMcloud also pays up to 30% should RCP’s refer $150,000 or more in total estimated initial project costs within a twelve (12) month span; please refer to section 3 below.

CIMcloud will provide RCP commissions to VAR’s in good standing on all deals, regardless of lead source, as long as they remain a Registered CIMcloud Partner by meeting terms outlined below.

Registered CIMcloud Partner Terms - Commission Eligibility Requirements

  1. Review and accept the terms of the Registered Partner Program outlined in this agreement
  2. Provide CIMcloud with a completed W-9 form (if located in the United States)
  3. RCP agrees to CIMcloud branding on VAR’s website
  4. RCP agrees to the following group A and / or group B terms outlined below: 

Group A - must complete one (1) of these terms per quarter:

  1. The RCP to provide at least one (1) sales accepted lead per quarter by providing a warm introduction and assisting our CIMcloud Account Executive with scheduling a discovery and demo call
  2. The RCP to assist with AND provide two (2) “Cold Wake-Up” opportunities per quarter. A “Cold Wake-Up” is defined as a previously registered lead who has not engaged with CIMcloud for twelve (12) months or longer and agrees to a new demo and discovery call with a CIMcloud Account Executive.
  3. CIMcloud deal is closed with an RCP referred lead
  4. CIMcloud deal is closed associated with a VAR cold funnel wake-up lead 

Group B - must complete two (2) of these terms per quarter:

  1. Engage in “Quarterly Review” (One Hour No Homework) calls with the CDM to help identify and introduce potential CIMcloud customers by providing insight regarding possible opportunities and sending a warm introduction email.
  2. Funnel-Review call that includes cold funnel wake-up emails from RCP
  3. Assist in the promotion and attendance of a webinar to the RCP’s customer base related to Customer Interaction Management software
  4. Participate in CIMcloud “Partner Huddle”
  5. RCP invites CIMcloud to sponsor and/or attend customer conference / event
  6. Spotlight CIMcloud product in customer newsletter
  7. Customer facing employee training within RCP’s organization and updated information in regards to the RCP’s organization / employees

Should the result or activity metrics / terms outlined above not be met by the VAR, their respective CDM may initiate contact and determine certain result and/or activity metrics (in addition to those above) required to re-establish the VAR’s RCP status. In the event CIMcloud acquires a new customer while the VAR is not considered a RCP (terms above are not met), the VAR will have 90 days to become compliant with required terms outlined above to be considered an RCP. If terms are met within the 90 day period, the RCP will be eligible for the commission in question.

It is CIMcloud’s desire to establish a good working relationship with each VAR so we can proactively work together to identify and engage ERP customers that are a fit for CIMcloud’s product offering.

CIMcloud Direct Lead Terms:

As outlined above, CIMcloud will now pay RCP’s commission regardless of lead source. However, if the RCP did not generate the lead, the below terms must be met:

  1. RCP will not recommend competitive solutions to the prospective customer (this request only applies if CIMcloud generated the lead without the partners’ involvement)
  2. RCP will be available for communication in regards to the prospective customer during the sales process. 



Bonus Commission: RCP's who refer a minimum of $150,000 in total estimated initial project costs (including BOTH software and services) in a twelve (12) month period are eligible for an additional 10% commission (for a total of 30%) on all deals in that period, and commissions will be paid retroactively upon achieving this threshold. This will also apply to all deals moving forward as long as the RCP maintains a minimum of $150,000 in total estimated initial project costs on a rolling twelve (12) month basis. You may check the status of your bonus commission at any time by contacting your CDM or emailing

Consulting Revenue Opportunities (to be billed directly by the Partner):

CIMcloud may set an expectation with the customer that there could be a need for them to receive assistance from their VAR during implementation and recommend that they include that in their budget. You may also choose to have a resource receive training on our content management system so that they can provide billable assistance with that portion of the implementation.


  1.  Engage RCP with all direct inbound leads
  2. Provide RCP with supplemental marketing material and educational content about CIMcloud
  3. Provide semi-annual training to customer facing employees within the RCP’s organization
  4. Present new site launches for “go-live” customers
  5. Pay RCP commissions to the partner based on the commission structure and payment details outlined in this agreement
  6. Provide all ongoing cloud services, project management and support for the application and ERP integration according to project scope and SLA’s



The RCP commission is only paid if the VAR is the ERP publisher's official Reseller of Record (ROR) for the ERP customer.


CIMcloud enters into a direct contractual agreement with all new customers. Should the VAR circumvent these contractual terms, they do so at their own risk. CIMcloud assumes no liability associated with terms agreed to between ERP customer and VAR.


We may, from time to time, find reasons to modify the terms of this agreement. Should we make any changes to the terms outlined in the agreement, we will post the newest version of the agreement at and/or provide notice to RCP’s/VAR’s. Continued participation in the program after notice of changes will constitute acceptance of the revised terms. Should you choose to cancel the agreement, you may do so at any time by notifying us in writing.