Successful eCommerce Projects, Ask Me Anything

Successful eCommerce Projects “Ask Me Anything” Panel Recorded on November 15, 2023

Join us for this live, interactive session where CIMcloud will host a panel of experts in the eCommerce industry with decades of combined experience available to answer your questions about why project team structure is critical to success, the importance of understanding your desired customer experience before starting your project and how to prepare and test for success.

Welcome to the recorded replay of our Successful eCommerce Projects 'Ask Me Anything' Panel Session. The original version was presented on November 15, 2023. This special event featured Chris Bradley, CEO of My Project Solution, Johnny Laurent, CIMcloud VP of Operations, and Robby Flair, CIMcloud Manager of Customer Support. With decades of combined experience, our panelists answered your questions about supporting and implementing CIM solutions. Watch this special event to learn what they had to say about making sure you current or future eCommerce project is positioned for success!