Maximize Your Ecommerce Initiative

Change Management Series: Keys To Successfully Implementing Ecommerce In Your Business Recorded on May 3, 2022 | 50 minutes

A critical element in the successful implementation of any new ecommerce initiative is understanding how to proactively manage the impact on your team and your infrastructure. We invite you to join CIMcloud as we share the proven methodologies and strategies that can help your organization achieve ecommerce success.

HubSpot Video

Welcome to the recorded replay of our first webinar in the Change Management Series, "Keys To Successfully Implementing Ecommerce In Your Business." The original version was presented on May 3, 2022. The webinar was hosted by CIMCloud V.P. of Customer Operations, Johnny Laurent and he shared what every company that successfully manages a change already knows to ensure you upcoming ERP switch minimizes disruption to your ecommerce business.