Perfect Sync is a data syncing framework that was developed with one goal in mind: to provide the best ERP integration on the market. With 100% perfect delivery of data between your ERP and our platform, and automatic detection of data changes, we’re confident that we are accomplishing that goal.

ERP Integration Software

Why You Need ERP Integration

Providing tools and applications to customers and employees is an invaluable asset for your business, enabling more effective and efficient customer interactions. But what is really needed for these tools to be valuable? Data.

Whether it’s the data used to power the application, or the information that results from usage, these tools are only as valuable as the information displayed to (and resulting from) users.

That’s why CIMcloud’s platform is powered by our Perfect Sync ERP integration framework.

ERP Integration Mobile Device

How Our Platform Works

We have a team of employees dedicated exclusively to handle the implementation and support of our ERP sync framework. This means that we can ensure perfect delivery of data and any issues that may arise are corrected (often before you even know it).

We sync data between the CIMcloud platform and your existing ERP accounting system, then report back the sync results so you’re always in the know. On top of a dedicated team of employees, our system is constantly watching itself and reporting back issues to ensure:

  • Our people didn’t miss anything
  • You don’t have to “babysit” the platform, unlike other sync tools (because we babysit for you)

WIth bi-directional and incremental sync options, the tool gives you flexible scheduling and runs exactly when you want it to. Equally important, all data transferred is secured by up-to-date security protocols, authorized machine access, and protected delivery.

Perfect Sync is always on, always working, is self-correcting, and is 100% fail-proof thanks to several layers of data protection and a guaranteed delivery system.

The CIMcloud platform also includes full-featured web hosting and tools to manage the entire web presence:

  1. CIMdriver Control Panel (CMS)
  2. Access to On-Demand (Billed Hourly) Professional Services from USA-based, English Speaking Employees
  3. Cloud Application Management
  4. Data Security & Compliance (Protection against loss, damage & exfiltration)
  5. Enterprise Level Hosting
  6. Immediate Scalability (functionality and capacity)
  7. Software Maintenance/ Access to New Versions
  8. Version Management, Deployment and Staging Systems
  9. Content Management Tools
  10. Cloud Database
  11. General Front-Office Features (Unique SSL Install)
  12. Multi-Language/Language Translation Tools
  13. Multi-Currency Tools