With CIMcloud’s E-commerce Storefront, you are creating an additional avenue for customer interactions that will help you to attract new customers and offer existing customers a convenient alternative to shop for products, thus increasing sales opportunities and improving your brand’s market presence.

That’s why CIMcloud’s E-commerce Storefront is designed to speak to all audiences, giving each visitor the desired depth of information.

When most of our customers come to us they’ve either a) never tried e-commerce because it seemed too complex for their business, or b) they’ve tried an e-commerce site that has failed because it doesn’t account for B2B specific needs.

CIMcloud Customer Portal

Why You Need E-commerce

Customers in the modern world are accustomed to highly convenient shopping experiences, where they are empowered to get online for virtually anything they need, at any time of day. Whether they are doing product research, or simply trying to find the nearest store location, customers expect needed information to be easily accessible and accurate.

While virtually all B2C companies offer online capabilities, B2B companies have been slower to evolve.

Companies who are on the cutting edge of B2B e-commerce are cashing in, while their competition are missing out on major opportunities:

  1. Offering potential customers to interact and engage with your organization in a non-threatening way by offering anonymous users the opportunity to learn about your organization, product offering and company culture.
  2. Giving existing customers ideal interaction flexibility, empowering them to log in and conveniently browse your product offering or read company information. Not only are they missing sales opportunities, but they could potentially lose customers to more conveniently available alternatives in the market.

We have seen tremendous growth in our business since launching the new website. Compared to our previous site, online sales have risen more than 200% and are steadily increasing. Internet sales now account for 25% of company revenue compared to the previous 5% . Our customers enjoy the simplicity of the website and for the past year, over half of our new accounts have been generated online.

Melissa Forbes
Director of Marketing, Ultimate Dental
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Simply having an e-commerce presence is not enough, and companies must identify solutions that are specifically designed for their varied audiences. CIMcloud’s E-commerce Storefront opens a new channel of interaction opportunities with prospective and existing customers, but adheres to the complexities of B2B selling.

Prospective Customers

Prospective customers want an opportunity to anonymously view high level information on who your company is and what you do, and the depth of content they see on your site should reflect that.

Existing Customers

Existing customers want a non-obtrusive opportunity to browse your company’s full offering but still need to see their customer-specific information on things like pricing and inventory availability. Likewise, the depth of content exposed to existing customers should address their specific needs.

B2B product offerings are far more complex than simple retail products, and your website should reflect the same level of complexity. CIMcloud’s e-commerce platform has the full featured capabilities to handle all this and more.

The CIMcloud Platform

Customer Portal

Multiple ways to discover products and product information.

Suggested or Related Products

Make sure customers are aware of all relevant products.

Parent-Child Products

Help customers easily discover, compare, & purchase different variations of a product.

Product Promotions

Promotions can be created on the website or pulled in from your ERP.

Online Ordering

Advanced cart and ordering capabilities directly linked with the ERP.

Coupon Manager

Advanced options for product, basket, shipping, and/or customer coupons.

Membership System

Signup, notification and renewal emails can be sent automatically.

Gift Certificates

Can be created automatically from orders, and delivered via email.

Integrated Sales Tax

Calculations made using ERP tax table data or Avalara Integration.

Shipping Calculation

Instant shipping calculations based off ship-to addresses and methods.

Store or Dealer Locator

Promotes locations where customers can find your products.

Help Desk

Get E-Commerce support request out of email, and into your E-Commerce.

Content Pages

Unlimited content pages with ability to display slideshows and featured product sections.