CIMcloud’s Customer Self-Service Portal is a secure, web-based tool that empowers your customers to help themselves however they want, giving them higher visibility into customer-specific information and a more convenient way to place orders.

It uses Perfect Sync technology to display 100% accurate data from your ERP on all connected devices, placing a tool at the center of all customer interactions and removing the need for information to flow through your reps.

CIMcloud Customer Portal

Why You Need a Customer Portal

Your customers love and need your products, but if the only time they can interact with your company is when personnel becomes available during traditional business hours, chances are they won’t be your customer much longer.

Most businesses rely on sales reps, customer service reps, accounting and IT (and sometimes a combination of all) to address daily needs, but still struggle to deliver satisfactory assistance to customers. Not only is this inefficient for your business, it’s inconvenient for your customers who experience long turn-around time to address simple requests.

Selling B2B in the modern world demands a user friendly self-service solution to remove employees from the center of all interactions, but how can you provide the “white glove service” customers expect while utilizing self-service alternatives?

Kevin Grotke

CIMcloud’s e-commerce platform has made re-keying orders from our website into our ERP a thing of the past. It’s allowed us to free up a ton of time – and move focus away from data entry onto selling and servicing the customer.

Kevin Grotke
VP of Sales, Instone
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By offering customers a 24/7 self-service alternative on all connected devices, they can view customer-specific product information, place orders, and address A/R needs anytime they want, not just during traditional business hours.

Customer-Specific Product Information

  • Inventory Levels
  • Lead-Times
  • Negotiated Pricing
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • MSDS Sheets

Place Orders

  • Customer-Specific Payment and Tax
  • Favorites List
  • Quick Order Form
  • Re-orders
  • Bulk Order Upload

A/R Features

  • Account/Contact/Login Management
  • Address/Shipping/Tax Management
  • Online/Offline Transaction History
  • Shipment Tracking and History
  • View Invoices, Credit Memos, Payments and RMA’s

All the standard E-commerce features (like shopping cart, help desk, etc.) that customers use can also be found on the E-commerce storefront page.

The portal is like having a customer service team working around the clock, alleviating the need for your employees to handle basic customer requests and allowing them to focus more time on cultivating relationships and increasing sales volume.

Your Customers

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View specific product info, place orders, and address A/R needs.

Sales Reps

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Quickly answer customer questions, or take any action on behalf of the customer.

Customer Service Reps

Customer Service Rep Icon

Quickly address ad-hoc customer needs.

Accounting Team

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Visibility into customer-specific A/R data, as well as payment processing.

Collaborative, Intelligent Quotes

CIMcloud Customer Portals include intelligent, two-way quoting tools that increase efficiency and use customer-specific data brought in from your ERP.