CIMCloud CRM helps to optimize customer interactions by leveraging the existing data in your ERP system and displaying this business-critical data at your employee’s fingertips. This enables them to make informed decisions on where and how to best spend their time, view essential reports at-a-glance, respond to information requests, and perform tasks on behalf of their customers such as ordering and making payments.

Best of all, your reps can access all this information even when they’re not in the office, because these web-based tools work 24/7 on any connected device.


Why You Need CRM

For most B2B companies, your customer facing personnel is a driving force for generating revenue and can ultimately shape the perception of your entire organization. When your employees come across as uninformed, disorganized and generally unhelpful, customers take note of this immediately and lose faith in your ability to deliver on expectations. Customers rely on your business for consistent delivery, and when your service quality becomes a liability, competitors will capitalize on this and poach your unhappy customers.

Therefore, it is vital that you arm your reps with the latest and greatest tools.

CRM computer

Who Uses CIMcloud CRM

CIMcloud CRM can be used by your Customer Service Reps, outside sales reps, Sales Managers, C-Suite, and even members of your IT and Accounting teams. Because CIMcloud CRM is customizable, each user is provided with tools and reports that are specific to their role or needs.

Because CIMcloud is a single connected platform which captures & stores all interaction data, your customers and employees are always working with the same data.

63% of CRM Initiatives Fail

Merkle Group Inc

Shortfalls of Traditional CRM

  • Traditional CRM is strictly built for reps (so anything your reps do, can’t be used or seen by customers)
  • Traditional CRM is not designed to be integrated with ERP (so even if you try, it’ll be messy/inaccurate)
  • Traditional CRM has no capabilities for processing Invoice Payments or Returns/RMA’s
  • Traditional CRM has limited abilities for complex B2B quoting and ordering
    • No inventory levels, no customer pricing, no complex products, weak product info
    • No payment processing
    • No gift certificates, coupons, promotions, limited tax calculations
  • Traditional CRM does not track and collect data from Human-Human interactions without manual input
  • Traditional CRM has no native capabilities to show customer transaction histories

CIMcloud CRM is built with 100% integration to your ERP accounting software, unlike traditional CRM’s.

Employees can quickly access needed data on any device and from any location, enabling them to efficiently address any customer requests whether they’re in the field or at their desk.

interaction Tracker

CIMcloud CRM collects and stores all customer interactions, whether they happened online or offline.

CRM Interaction Tracker
CRM Interaction Tracking Detail

CIMcloud CRM collects all customer interactions into one platform, and accounts for ALL past, present and future interactions. These include:

Digital Interaction:

  • Website Visits
  • Page Views
  • Email Open/Clicks
  • Social Media Activity


  • Phone
  • Email
  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Chat
  • Meetings
  • Tasks/Tickets


  • Orders (offline)
  • Orders (online)
  • Payments
  • Quotes
  • Returns

Employee Tools

CIMcloud CRM allows employees to spend less time dealing with customer requests, and more time building relationships and growing sales.

CRM Rep Tools Dashboard
CRM Rep Tools

Dashboard Views:

CIMcloud CRM Dashboards allow your team to allocate time more efficiently. Managers can view performance across all reps or focus in on a specific individual. Employees can view dashboards across all assigned accounts or drill into specific accounts, locations and contacts.

Ad Hoc Requests:

CIMcloud CRM empowers your employees to take care of their customers whether they are in the office or remote.


Because CIMcloud CRM is part of our single connected platform, your employees can take any action on behalf of the customer, including placing an order.

Collaborative, Intelligent Quotes

CIMcloud CRM includes intelligent, two-way quoting tools that increase efficiency and use customer-specific data brought in from your ERP.