Brian Seidel



Brian Seidel is CEO and a cofounder of CIMcloud by Website Pipeline. As CEO, Brian oversees product development, strategy, and business operations, driving profitable growth for the company since its inception in 1999.

Brian champions cloud-based solutions that help businesses get, keep and grow customers, leveraging the existing data in their Sage or Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems to transform the way they conduct business. He also engineers solutions that address complex customer needs, making Brian a go-to resource for businesses that want to leverage the full power of ERP-integrated websites.

When he's not in the office, Brian is usually found wakeboarding on Lake Keowee trying to master a new trick. Brian attended the University of Michigan.

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Eric Ward



Eric Ward is CTO and a cofounder of CIMcloud by Website Pipeline. As Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for the overall technology vision of CIMcloud by Website Pipeline, including research and development and design. His professional focus is architecting, developing and delivering the very best in high-level, cloud-based e-commerce software systems for clients. You often hear him yelling something about Dependency Injection and SRP.

Eric is always well-armed and ready to battle in every Nerf war that pops up - at least when his guns don't jam. He's also an avid slalom water skier who can be found carving up Lake Hartwell. Eric attended Texas A&M University.

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Chris Bradley

Vice President of Operations


As the head of our Account Management team, Chris works hard to keep CIMcloud by Website Pipeline customers happy. He assists our Account Managers with discovery and scoping of website upgrades and complex ERP integration changes.

Chris drank three Coronas once, and is known as "Tres Coronas" around the office. He won Blue Vase awards in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He attended Mars Hill University and is an avid UNC fan.

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Matt Gleason

Director of Professional Services


Matt Gleason started with CIMcloud in 2004 as a Designer, and is now in charge of overseeing the project flow through our Custom Services Team

Matt has been with CIMcloud by Website Pipeline for almost 15 years, and has won multiple Star Performer awards. He attended the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC.

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Business Operations

Mollie Woodside

Business Operations Manager


Mollie manages all CIMcloud by Website Pipeline business office functions including HR, accounting, and finance. Mollie’s objectives are to: 1) keep employees happy; 2) improve business processes as we grow; 3) ensure our customers and vendors are satisfied with prompt invoicing, payments, and follow-up on issues; 4) have fun at work every day.

Mollie works so she can live at Lake Keowee on the weekends, and she is proud she can still get up on a slalom waterski! She enjoys recruiting for CIMcloud by Website Pipeline, and observing the professional development of employees as they gain expertise in their technical skills, their customer-facing skills, and other soft skills in the “real-world.”

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Emily Furrow

HR Generalist


Emily is well aware of the stigma that is associated with HR, but plans to prove she's not a "buzzkill" by bringing a fun attitude to work every day. That's good news because fun is what we do best, so we're very excited to have her on board!

She attended North Greenville University and graduated in 2015 after spending time in Honduras volunteering and studying Spanish. Outside of work, Emily likes getting outdoors to enjoy everything from ultimate frisbee to long hikes with her husband and dog (which is basically her child).

Mike Kern



Mike grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. He attended West Chester University and graduated with a double major in Accounting and Finance. Mike’s wife, Emily, is a Clemson graduate and is slowly turning him into a “southerner”- though he draws the line at eating grits.

Outside of work, Mike is an avid fan of the Philadelphia 76ers and enjoys playing basketball and attending Grace Church. In true CPA fashion, he also enjoys writing Excel macros in his free time.

Lisa Seidel

Payroll Manager


Lisa handles our banking and payroll, making sure everyone gets paid, and was one of the first three employees at CIMcloud by Website Pipeline.

Lisa loves efficiency, so she would be a character from Harry Potter with magical powers if she could, apparating all around town to avoid the traffic and get things done. Lisa graduated from Auburn University.

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Project Management

Jack Evans

Lead Technical Project Manager


Jack has over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing and distribution environments as an engineer, manager, and for the past 10 years implementing and maintaining ERP systems. This sets him up perfectly to manage customer projects for CIMcloud by Website Pipeline.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, sea kayaking, fly fishing, and hiking. Jack attended Georgia Tech and Southern California University.

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Bradley Briggs

Technical Project Manager


Bradley recently graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. He'll be progressing through developer training and then joining our PM team.

When he's away from his cool standing desk, he enjoys anything sports-related. If it's not related to sports, Bradley enjoys spending time trying new things and hanging out with friends and family.

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Robby Flair

Technical Project Manager


Robby works to integrate our ERP Sync Tool with with our customers' ERP software system to import and export data from our website to their back end system. Robby also made the bet that led to a CIMcloud by Website Pipeline employee getting an ear pierced at lunch.

Robby really enjoys playing golf, and has played sports most of his life, and also enjoys being outdoors. He attended Clemson University.

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Kevin Gillen

Director of Special Projects


Kevin is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has spent almost twenty years implementing software applications for businesses. He enjoys the challenge of solving complex business problems by designing software solutions targeted at those problems and bringing efficiencies to the client’s business, yielding a high return on their investment.

If you're in the market for bunk beds, tables, or need some furniture repair, Kevin is your woodworking man. Kevin also enjoys distance running and has completed 5 marathons and about a dozen 1/2 marathons. He attended Bob Jones University.

Spencer Patrick

Technical Project Manager


Spencer helps shepherd our customer projects from scoping through to completion, and is almost always wearing headphones at his desk - so he can listen to One Direction without interruption. If you call and get Spencer's voicemail, it's probably because he's calling into radio shows across the country to vote for One Direction on this week's Top 40.

An aficionado of the web and technology, Spencer believes flash mobs are poised for a comeback, and is hoping to launch a Kickstarter project soon to capitalize on that trend. When he's not working, Spencer choreographs local lip-dub videos and posts them on his mySpace. He attended Clemson University, where he served two semesters as President of the Lawn Bowling Society.

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Hunter Summersett

Technical Project Manager


As the CIMcloud by Website Pipeline Ticket Master, Hunter frequently has the first response to live site issues: debugging webpages, analyzing data, and providing general website assistance.

Hunter is a gearhead who likes tinkering with just about anything. Whether it's rewiring an old house, installing a car exhaust, or running an irrigation system , he can spend hours fixing, breaking, and modifying things, though not always in that order. Hunter attended Clemson University.

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Charles Tennent

Technical Project Manager


In his role as a CIMcloud by Website Pipeline project manager, Charles helps deliver on the promises we make during the sales process, translating scope and requirements into actual blocks of work to be completed.

If a large Nerf dart whistles overhead while you're walking through our office, there's a good chance that Charles is shooting one of his Nerf cannons or bows. Duck!

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Customer Success

Lance Plumblee

Customer Success Manager


Lance serves as the Customer Success Manager, and, in this capacity, he is responsible for customer satisfaction and promoting stronger customer relationships. His focus is strengthening customer relationships through clear communication and reliable delivery and follow-up.

Lance is a native of Greenville, SC and a 20-year veteran of the technology industry. In his spare time he enjoys playing and listening to blues, country, and rock music, as well as all manner of low-impact outdoor activities. Lance attended Furman University.

Bruce Brown

Technical Documentation Lead


Bruce has a background in ERP consulting, and his proficiencies include business process reviews, preparing software enhancement specifications, developing project plans, migrating legacy data, conducting conference room pilots, assisting with change management tasks, conducting user training, and preparing technical documentation.

Outside the office, his interests include photography, target shooting, and high performance driving events. Bruce attended Bob Jones University.

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Brian Granger

Technical Support Developer


Brian received his education from Greenville Tech and Clemson University, and enjoys spending time on anything related to electronics, cars or games outside of work. He also enjoys hanging with family, and will play just about any sport you throw at him.

He brings another young face and diverse skillset to our youthful team, so we’re excited to have him on board!

Andrew Kazura

Technical Support Developer


Andrew works on the Sync Tool that we use to push and pull data from our clients' ERP to and from the website. He attended the University of South Carolina.

Andrew's favorite hobby is Fantasy Football. He likes watching football as well as thinking about the way the game can be played. It is fun for him to calculate out how an offense can be better or worse dependent on what kind of coordinator the player is playing for and competing against his friends.

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Matt Sanders

Technical Support Developer


After graduating from Clemson with a BS in Computer Science, Matt worked for 5 years developing software for the aerospace and defense industry. When he isn’t hard at work, he plays in a local adult hockey league. We are excited to have Matt on our team!


Derek Nelsen



Crayola Specialist, Derek Nelsen, is known to most of his friends as "The Art Goblin" because of his obsession to be "the very best, like no one ever was." He graduated from Furman university, where he studied Graphic Design and received his BA degree.

Outside of work, Derek will sometimes functionally shred the git-fiddle (guitar) or, if you're lucky, the ukulele. He also greatly appreciates the art of craft beer, cooking, and other culinary-related activities. When he needs to isolate from the rest of the world, Derek plugs into a good audio book.

If you want to get to know Derek, please be prepared with a good (or bad) pun to share. Also, be aware that you need to enjoy, or a least have knowledge of the following: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and everything Christopher Nolan.

Michelle Pakla



When Michelle's not working, she enjoys working on paintings, cuddling with her cats, watching Star Trek reruns, hiking the Blue Ridge mountains, and traveling to new cities just to play pinball. When she was around three or four, she distinctly remembers going to a Boston concert with her parents (they say it was actually Moody Blues, but she's pretty sure they’re fibbing).

Michelle went to the University of South Carolina Aiken for graphic design and briefly studied printmaking at Augusta University.

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Sales & Marketing

Kerry Meade



Kerry joins us with a rich background in founding and building companies. He was a co-founder of Exponent, an online service that uses real-time data from existing sources to create new insights for businesses and individuals, and was also President of NCover, a company that develops and markets .NET code coverage tools.

Outside of the office, Kerry spends a lot of pre-dawn hours running the highways, bi-ways, and trails of the Upstate. He also enjoys spending time with his family or riding his Harley Softail Deuce. He attended the University of Florida and earned his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Danny Mecca

Sales Engineer


Danny works directly with customers to service their website and provide support for upgrades on existing websites. He also does design consultation/work for existing sites, and work on developing responsive solutions for existing customers.

Danny has also been known to shoot interns with Nerf guns on occasion, and can get upside-down on a wakeboard. Danny attended Clemson University.

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Jack Evans

Account Executive


Jack is a proud Greenville native and has enjoyed watching the evolution of his hometown in recent years. He's very passionate fan of the Clemson Tigers in all areas. He's also the second Jack Evans working at CIMcloud by Website Pipeline.

Jack is an obsessive fan of college and professional sports; especially the Clemson Tigers and Boston Red Sox. He also enjoys playing golf and traveling with friends and family. He graduated from Clemson University.


Tyler Cope

DevOps Engineer


Tyler received his degree in Information Technology (IT) from Greenville Technical College. Outside of work he enjoys activities like riding motorcycles, flying drones, and playing golf- he even plays in a pool league on Tuesday nights. Although Tyler originally wanted to be a drummer and then an attorney, we are glad that he’s found a home on our IT team!

Mark Davis

Database Administrator


Mark describes his job as "regularly perform open heart surgery while the patient is still awake." He is fluent in FORTRAN, COBOL, LISP, Pascal, QBasic, all the ones that really matter in today's world.

Mark was #mindblown upon learning that light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark roast coffee. Mark's work helped win a Pinnacle award from Microsoft for a Dynamics GP implementation.

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Jason Bagwell

Senior Software Developer


Jason helps shape the CIMcloud by Website Pipeline product offering, and worked for Eric Alexander before coming directly to WSP. Thankfully, he came to his senses. If he were a movie character, Jason would be The Wolf, Harvey Keitel's character from Pulp Fiction.

Don't take Jason lightly when the bags are out, as he holds these titles: Fedex Day 2014 Cornhole Champion, Pub Day 2014 Cornhole Champion.

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Brian Cain

Senior Software Developer


Brian has been with CIMcloud by Website Pipeline for more than ten years, and provides quotes for dev projects, resolves a lot of random issues and some high level tickets, and codes many of our business-critical server-side objects. He also writes technical plans for object development.

Brian loves building things from recycled wood to get away from the desk, and finds carpentry a bit more forgiving than coding. He attended Winthrop University and won Star Performer awards in 2008, 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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Kyle Gehrman

Director of ERP Operations


You may recognize Kyle's face from the video on the CIMcloud by Website Pipeline homepage - he's currently known internally as "the face of CIMcloud by Website Pipeline", but he'll likely be replaced after we have open tryouts in the near future. When he's not modeling, Kyle also does development work on our Account Management team.

Kyle has tried out for each season of American Idol, performing a routine of classic show tunes wearing tap shoes. Though he has never moved on past the first stage, he was once interviewed in the parking lot by Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. He attended Clemson University.

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don gossett

Don Gossett

Product Deployment Manager


Outside of work Don can often be found in the garden during the summer and inside playing way too many video games during the winter. But one of his favorite activities is hiking the many trails in upstate SC and western NC. He also enjoys printing out designs he’s created on his 3D printer.

Eric Johnston

Senior Software Developer


Eric does a bit of discovery with clients, create plans for custom development and manage the queue of work for the development team. Occasionally, he also get to do a bit of development work. More importantly, he sneaks into Gary Lamb's office and sets up One Direction knickknacks, because Gary is their biggest fan. It's really fulfilling to see how Gary's face lights up when there's a new item on his desk or windowsill.

Eric once built an entire life-size tree house out of popsicle sticks, though he was pretty depressed when he woke up and realized it was a dream. However, it stuck with him and helps him strive to grow into his full potential. He has been collecting popsicle sticks ever since. Eric won a Star Performer award in 2014.

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Jon Reece

Product Deployment Specialist


Jon primarily designs and develops user interfaces and interactions for our core product, as well as custom applications that our clients request, often collaborating with other internal teams to get the job done. He also provides decent covering fire during Nerf raids, which makes him a valuable member of the team.

Jon's favorite hobby is writing code for personal projects and experiments, because he just can't get enough of it. Despite the fact that he must go outside on a daily basis, he remains quite the indoor enthusiast. Jon won Star Performer awards in 2008, 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2013, and also won a Blue Vase in 2010. He attended Greenville Technical College and The Internet.

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Tim Schwab

Software Developer


Tim Schwab has been an avid hobbyist programmer ever since seventh grade, when his older brother showed him that he could make an automated insult generator on his TI-83. His fascination with the endless creative possibilities of code persisted, and he graduated from Clemson University with a BS in computer science.

Apart from engaging with the wonders of modern technology, Tim enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, reading the classics of literature/philosophy/theology, and romancing his soon-to-be wife. He can often be found smoking a pipe on his back porch, contemplating.

Neiman Schwartz

Director of Development


Neiman manages customers accounts for CIMcloud by Website Pipeline, and also does development work for the Account Management team. He won a Star Performer award in 2014.

If you're walking down Canal Street in New Orleans with Neiman, he'll have cheerful banter with each person you pass. Neiman attended Clemson University and the University of South Carolina.

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Tristan Walters

Senior Software Developer


Tristan is a developer on our Account Management team, where he works on solutions for our customers.

About 15 years ago Tristan was abducted by aliens. They replaced his head with what appears to be a horse head. It also has a beanie. The head actually grows with his body. It's pretty creepy. Tristan attended Clemson University.

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Nathan Welch

Director of Technical Support


He once got his ear pierced at lunch after losing a bet in the office on a practice putting green, which led to an office-wide Photoshop thread that ultimately turned him into Justin Bieber. He also won a Participation Trophy in a now legendary parking lot footrace.

Nathan plays on the CIMcloud by Website Pipeline badminton team, and is the captain of our synchronized swimming team. He is hoping to start a rhythmic gymnastics squad in 2016. He attended Clemson University.

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Andrew Zhang

Software Developer


Andrew joined us as a full-time developer after spending a summer internship with us. He spends more time than he probably should on games; either playing them (a long-time fan of Monster Hunter) or (trying to) develop them.

Andrew attended Clemson University. The latest (of many) projects he's working on is building a game with his brother from scratch (with nothing but the C++ standard library and OpenGL). He also tends to abuse parentheses.