24 intense hours of innovation, cornhole and beer.

Fostering Innovation

At CIMcloud, we try to foster innovation across the company in many ways. One of those ways is with our semi-annual “FedEx Day” events, based on the original idea developed by software company Atlassian, (we found it in the book “Drive”, by Daniel Pink). The FedEx Day concept has been adopted by many companies around the globe. CIMcloud’s first FedEx Day was in 2013, though it was previously known here as “Innovation Day”.

What's a Fedex Day at CIMcloud like?

Even though our normal workdays around the office are awesome, FedEx Days are even awesomer. They typically start on Thursday afternoons, and extend for 24 hours into Friday afternoon, and conclude with presentations from the person or team, revealing what is being delivered (that’s where the “FedEx” concept gets its name: deliver something within 24 hours). It’s a 24-hour period isolated from our busy work and personal lives we use to get our creative juices flowing; we build, fix, invent or learn something related to technology or software.

Here are some example of projects delivered on past FedEx Days at CIMcloud:

  • A "lightboard" setup for making instructional videos
  • Mobile app games
  • "Choose your own adventure" game developed in Ruby
  • Tokenized password reset
  • Web Stats
  • Hooks framework
  • A musical synthesizer based on Raspberry Pi
  • Our Web API actually began as a FedEx Day project
  • Unit Testing
  • NO SQL
  • QDB
  • Updater Service Pack
  • Mobile app for Extranet tickets
  • "Gas gauges"
  • Steve Magee converted an adjacency list to a nested-set model

Many people work all night; some sleep here on the floor of the conference room. There’s plenty of food and beer involved, which in the past has led to dance-offs and related hilarity. Past events have included chair massages and cupcake bars to keep motivation high.

Towards midnight, a cornhole tournament begins and the winners receive gigantic trophies.

Here's a report from our FedEx Day event in November 2015. Our Spring 2016 FedEx Day event report can be read on our blog.