About CIMcloud

Founded in 1999 | 60+ employees in Greenville, SC.

More About What We Do

CIMcloud designs, builds, hosts, and supports cloud-based Customer Service Automation portals and B2B e-commerce websites that integrate with our client’s existing ERP (financial and inventory) software. Our clients are wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies who previously relied on customer service teams to input orders into their ERP system and answer questions from their buyers.

Our customer automation portals and e-commerce websites give our clients the ability to provide real-time access to their buyers (for product information, pricing, inventory, order history and tracking, payment collection and returns) using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Our clients can communicate with their buyers across multiple languages, currencies, and pre-negotiated price points.

Our websites are fully customizable, and use cloud-based software and database driven e-commerce applications. We house our own servers and equipment inside two secure data centers that offer uninterrupted power, multiple layers of redundancy and SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II compliancy.

Work Hard Play Hard

In our office, you will find everything from electric scooters to corn hole tournaments and nerf gun wars, as well as a 120 lb. dinner bell that we ring every time we sign-on or launch a new customer; and most importantly... a talented group of people working hard to carry out our vision.

What We Believe

We believe that having a set of core principles to guide the way we conduct ourselves and our business is a key foundation to lasting success. Our values played a big part in our growth to this point, and they'll continue to guide the company through continuing growth.


Creating and maintaining a win-win business environment. Mutuality describes a commitment shared by our employees, resellers, freelancers, customers, and end users, that all involved parties must benefit for any individual to succeed. This environment emphasizes positive reinforcement, reward, and recognition, and encourages an increase in participation, team cooperation, and information sharing.


Developing cutting-edge technology, and applying it in unique and creative ways. Innovation is an ongoing process that involves continuous learning, overcoming obstacles, taking risks, challenging the status quo, and breaking down mental barriers.


Making decisions based on the benefit and evolution of the company, not on outside pressure from investors, lenders, and customers. Business freedom is achieved by maintaining a strong, independent, profitable financial position while retaining control of the company's direction. It also involves maintaining a balanced revenue stream that is not significantly influenced by a small number of large customers.


A "work hard" attitude. Passion combines a conviction in our core purpose and values, the persistence to carry them out, and an attitude of absolute certainty that our goals are attainable. We are enthusiastic about what we do, and we are driven to contribute and make a difference, not just serve time.


An attitude and a habit that demands consistency, reliability, and efficiency. We back up our words with action, and our actions produce quality results. We believe in doing things right the first time, every time.

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